Claims Handling Directory
  • General Procedure for Settlement of Claims
    • Accident Occurrence
    • 1. Please give immediate notice to GCI or your broker/agent after accident occurs. Please call the police if suffering from fire disaster, burglary or traffic accident.
    • 2. Take photos for the accident spot and damaged property as far as possible.
    • 3. Take immediate rescue action to avoid loss expansion.
    • Timely case reporting and rescue
    • 1. Please check on the damaged property timely, and identify the damaged items and amount.
    • 2. As required to deal with the case, the insurance company would send its personnel or entrust     independent assessors to make an investigation on the accident.
    • 3. Please keep in mind: do not admit the accident liability and reach an accommodation on damages     without written consent of GCI.
    • 4. If the accident is caused by the third party, please reserve the right to investigate the liability of the     third party.
    • Loss confirmation
    • In order to keep settlement of claims going smoothly, please timely provide the supporting materials/information required for claim settlement for GCI and the entrusted assessors.
    • Provision of materials
    • GCI would examine and verify your case materials to determine the insurance liability and loss amount.
    • Compensation and recovery
    • 1. GCI would compensate for the covered losses within 10 working days     after an agreement on the case compensation is reached.
    • 2. Please assist GCI to recover compensation from the third party, if the     third part is supposed to assume responsibility for the accident.
Note:This flow diagram is an introduction to the general procedure for settlement of claims, rather than the constituent           parts of insurance policies and provisions. If there is any confusion and inconsistency, please subject to           insurance policies and provisions.

Specific types of insurance claims process

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