Automobile Insurance

Since Generali China Insurance Co., Ltd (GCI) officially started up automobile insurance in October 2007, with the confidence and support from the mass clients, it has always carried out the principle of “You love GCI, I love GCI, GCI loves your Car” to provide and deliver first-in-class automobile insurance services, which has won clients’ recognition and praise.

GCI provides and delivers the following services:

Selecting the repair spot by yourself without out-of-pocket expenses
If there is something wrong with your car, you can designate any qualified repair factory (including 4S shops) to repair it without advancement of correlative charges. When the repair is finished, you can bring your car back directly while the charges shall be settled by GCI.
 Reporting car repair in your convenience
You can report any car repair other than those in significant accidents or involving in a third-party to GCI in your convenience and fix a repair time with our service personnel.
 Many times of accidents can be handled at one time without accident evidence
It can save you much time and provide convenient treatment methods, if your car is mildly damaged for several times, you can report it to GCI for repair without any accident documentary evidence.
No time or energy wasted on disposing of a third party accident car
If the damage of a third party’s car is caused by you, then you don’t need to take part in the damage determination or prepay the expense, as all these affairs shall be settled down by our customer personnel with the third party, so you can get rid of yourself from the fussy and trivial troubles.  
Free Salvage within the Fifth Ring Road
GCI will provide you 24-hour professional car salvage service other than those involved in accidents within the Fifth Ring Road (included), and the salvage cost will be assumed by Generali, so you need no advancement. The items include: 1.Emergency repair 2. tire replacement 3.Emergency watering 4. Emergency oil charging 5. Battery unit charge 6. Car towing 7. Hauling and hanging service (rescue in the difficult situation), etc .
 7×24×365 customer service hotline
Please dial the enquiry hotline 400-600-2700 to contact our service personnel for help.
Warm Message Service
With the message service, GCI will inform you of bad weather, birthday & festival greeting, insurance effecting/recommending bonus points notice and information of various clients’ feedback activities.
Convenient for renewal of insurance
You can renew your insurance of GCI within doors, and get insurance policy delivered by us.