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Our Vision

  • Actively protect
  • corporate risk solutions
  • enhance people's lives

Our Mission

To be a preferred insurer in core customer segments with good customer experiences;
To gain consistent, profitable growth!

Our Perspective

  • Keep the Promises

    This is all about commitment.

    Customers buy a contract, and they trust that when the time comes this service will be honoured and will be respected actively.

    In order to strengthen our reputation and be trustworthy, we need to keep our promises-not only to clients, but also to employees, shareholders and all other stakeholders. By delivering on our promises, we will become a trustworthy industry.

  • Advocating Service

    Insurance is a social work: We work in a society, we work for the people, we help people to enhance and protect their lifestyle and property safety. There is an element of social responsibility in this which is extremely important. We need to start doing some structural and systematic work to enhance the communities in which we live. And we will win the market and returning shareholders through value-added products and services.

    All of our branches keep long-term and stable business with the local customer by providing professional services and products to meet their life cycle needs.

    The company maintains a stable service collaboration relationship, and we keep improving the quality and professionalism of our services continuously. The employees are proud to serve in such an enterprise.

  • Continuous Innovation

    We encourage employees to innovate for efficient work, simplify the complexity.

    We encourage employees to identify problems that affect their work, find solutions, and solve them through their own efforts. We advocate improving efficiency by making complex things simple, making simple things excellent, and constantly innovating.

  • Strive Oriented

    This is about opportunities, it's about fairness, it's about diversity, and it's about accepting the different qualities of the struggle.

    Insurance is a business made by and of people, systems are very important, processes are very important, but people make the difference. GCI should be an organisation driven by people's interest, mindset, needs and requests.

    We attract, retain and promote Strives by creating a transparent, united and harmonious working environment.

Telephone:010-59601818  Zip code:100022

Address:9th Floor, West Tower, Twin Tower B-12 Jianguomenwai Avenue Chaoyang District, Beijing, China